Connor “Don’t Fucking Touch Me” Kenway
ft. Revere, Lafayette, and Washington.




Washington’s all like, “IMMA TOUCH IT.” 

And Connor fucking sees it coming and he’s just like, “Oh goddamnit please no, no no no no no—FUCK.”

What if he has aspergers? He doesn’t really get sarcasm, doesn’t like being touched and he’s very like my brother (he has aspergers). Or it’s just a weird coincidence.

I highly doubt Connor has Aspergers. Sarcasm is, for the most part, an English thing (i think.. please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve never really had anyone speaking sarcastically near me in another language) and He likely only got sarcastic comments growing up from his mother. Not only this, but as a child he had a bit of the same attitude Ziio had, so were it not for the trauma of loosing her he may have turned into one sarcastic motherfucker.

He may just find the ‘touchiness’ of the English culture, odd. He doesn’t shake hands often, most of the time he is oblivious or doesn’t understand it when people reach out to shake his and just stares. And in situations of praise and thanks, he seems confused by pats on the shoulder and the like, whereas if he was in the other’s shoes he would keep his hands to himself.

In all, it may be partly his culture and partly how he had to grow up.

I heard somewhere it was, in his culture, rude to touch someone you did not know well / did not trust.
Plus, Charles Lee nearly choked Connor to death when he was only four, so he probably just isn’t fond of hands randomly coming at him. 


dobbycarter asked:

Hello, Connor. I hope things are well with you? ((Also, HELLO CONNOR-MUN :D ))

enhskat-akweks answered:

"Ah, hello Dobby. It’s nice to see you again. Everything has been fairing well for me. How have you been, if you do not mind my asking?"

// hello dear~

"Good ta hear. Can’t say it’s been as quiet on my end, with the redcoats pushin’ their weight around. They still take from the locals without a second thought." She sighs frustratedly, and crosses her arms over her chest. 
"Otherwise I’m fine." Dobby adds, eventually settling.